GTU- SPI, CPI, CGPA To Percentage Calculator

GTU – SPI, CPI, CGPA To Percentage Calculator: This is most confusing question is for GTU Students & Parents. Following calculator will help you to calculate percentage (%) from SPI, CPI or CGPA. Percentage is currently used in many places. You can easily get percentage from CGPA with the help of this tool when you want percentage in filling competitive exam form.

CGPA To Percentage Calculator

GTU – CGPA To Percentage Calculator

CGPA to Percentage: The full-form of CGPA is Cumulative Grade Points Average. It is the average of a student’s grade points obtained in all the subjects, excluding any additional subjects. Including CBSE, many educational boards, universities, and institutions release the exam result in CGPA instead of percentage. Therefore, students have to convert their CGPA results into a corresponding percentage. Furthermore, they can use a simple formula or calculator provided in this article to convert CGPA to a percentage.

Full form of SPI / CPI / CGPA
SPI: Semester Percentage Index
CPI: Cumulative Performance Index
CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average

What is CGPA ?

CGPA Means Cumulative Grade Point Average. For 4 Years Course: If duration of course is of four years, the degree shall be give to students based upon CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) considering last four semesters performance.

Why is CGPA used ?

The CGPA is use to denote the overall performance of the student in the academic session as grades. The CGPA system was introduce to ease the burden of marks and the stress of the examination among students. Due to this reason, the CGPA system is also used in some of the bachelor’s and Master’s Degree.

What is CPI ?

CPI Means Cumulative Performance Index. For 2 Years Course: If duration of course is of two years, the degree shall be give to students based upon CPI (Cumulative Performance Index) considering all the four semesters performance.

What is SPI ?

SPI Means Semester Performance Index. SPI (Semester Performance Index) is calculate in every semester.

GTU CGPA To Percentage Calculation Formula:

We can calculate percentage (%) from CPI/CGPA/SPI. SPI/CPI/CGPA is mentione in marksheet. Student have to enter SPI/CPI/CGPA and percentage will be calculate by using following formula. Same formula is use to calculate percentage from CPI or SPI or CGPA. Student may be require to find percentage to fill up the forms for scholarship MYSY / Digital Gujarat, Education loan etc.

How to Use CGPA To Percentage Calculator ?

  • First go to the calculator tool.
  • Then, enter SPI, CPI or CGPA.
  • Then, click on the Calculate button.
  • After, you can see your percentage in the box.

CGPA To Percentage Calculator

You can find the CGPA to Percentage converter below. Just enter the value in the CGPA field and you will get the output as a percentage:


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